Focus on your clients. Deliver a better service.

Proven technology that empowers training providers to maximise on delivery.

Workpepper – the agile web solution that does the hard work for you. Spend less time on administration and paperwork. Workpepper lets you focus on what is really important to your business – your clients.

Improve delivery, increase outcomes & reduce costs,

Workpepper is a flexible solution that allows training providers to easily grow their business. A single platform that combines everything you need to monitor, track and deliver on-line and classroom based learning. Improve your business efficiency and delivery capability without increasing costs or administration hours.

Developed specifically to deliver large scale training programmes, Workpepper is proven to manage from 5 to 20,000+ learners. Our solution has been recognised by industry bodies like Ofsted and Jisc RSC for improvement client delivery.

Features & Benefits

How can workpepper help you.


Get your learners on the right track from day 1.

Web Based Registration

Have access to your learner records and available course information from anywhere

Book Courses

Easily book learners onto courses on day 1. Reduce time spent following up and chasing to confirm.

Detailed Learner Information

Record all the information you need in one place. Learner history, assessment and action plans.

Does The Hard Work For You

Letter, emails and back office paper work is automatically generated. Just click book and you are done.


Reduce the admin burden. All the information you need at your fingertips.


No need for paperwork. Save detailed learner profiles and all their documents in one location.

Detailed Learner Journey

Keep track of learner progression: record course attendance, tutorials and assessments.

Record Outcomes

Track learners from referral to employment. Ensure staff follow up with course completers.

Drag & Drop Action Plans

Simply pick required learning from course library. All paperwork and scheduling is completed for you.


Make swift changes and turn planning into reality.

Quickly Schedule Training

Book rooms, allocate tutors and manage resource. Automatically alert all learners and staff to any changes

Plan & Forecast Training

All the tools you need to track and monitor your delivery (online and offline).

Reports & Dashboard

Simplify reporting with a comprehensive overview of key metrics.

Real-Time Learner Stats

Use real-time registers and live booking data to manage attendance and improve occupancy.


The information you need!

Occupancy Figures

Deliver more, understand where you could be improving revenues as you have spare capacity. 

Referred / Booked / Completed

Where could you be improving, have simple graphs to show your key metrics. 

Staff Utilisation

Quickly understand star players, who has the highest success rate in the shortest time?

Customisable Dashboard

Now you have the data, We provide you the ability to clearly visualise in real time.


Provide a more personal, better quality service.

Quick Search

Make answering queries easy. Look-up anything from course availability to learner records. .

Learner Support

Identify struggling learners. Offer support and assistance via message platform or face-to-face tutorials.

Customer Engagement

Provide customers with clarity on their referrals e.g. real-time course progress.

Improve Communication

With all your data in one place all staff have access to current information on learners and course allocations.


Real Technology. Real Results

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About Us

Workpepper is a Macleod Associates product.

Macleod Associates are a supplier of leading edge software solutions to training providers, councils, schools and colleges. Established for over 10 years, we are regarded as a trusted partner by clients of all sizes to provide innovative solutions.

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